Music Sample. IOne

Words per paragraph (approx): # of Paragraphs: nucleon clouseauesque gamblor lamarella rappin‘ surfer tubby nulecule juzz low-income nobodies doobob nulecule silicon chips and such zing dorkus molorkus knifey wifey not back, avenge deaths smarch that’s the first thing that’s ever gone wrong such a violent motif bovine university garbagewater nucleon unpossible iced cream pollutinest catsup mobilomobile t.g.i. mcscratchy’s parents‘ island scratchtasia poochie death threats well, that’s the end of me quetzalzacatenango pricetaggery magumba well, that’s the end of me america junior doobob continuing our ’sign of evil‘ countdown kwyjibo embiggen eddie punch-clock pretzeled bread needs more dog brassafrax horse with a head of a rabbit and the body of a rabbit unblowuppable invisible dog leash diddly bathtub mint julep bartesque underreacting yoink eat my shorts poochie hate mail (foreign) jiminy jillikers word hole liberty log menapplause eedily swedish lunchbox megacide add more balls wiggle puppy scratchtasia superliminal dealie houseware warehouse stinkables unblowuppable mobilomobile such a violent motif america’s crud bucket fireworks factory where’s poochie?

garbagewater smashy smashy reverse vampires hot jazz music she. u.i. fishmas go to your room, lisa ketchup fatard i need the biggest seed bell you have have been either drunk or on cocaine pointy kitty municipal roundtable don’ter your older, balder, fatter son snacktacular rastafy chazwazers don’ter oodily zazz rock and/or roll that’s why your robot never worked swedish lunchbox holy flurking schnit snacktacular introubulate my son is also named bort deceleratrix fishmas sally housecoat fatard speedholes wiggle puppy liberty log houseware warehouse christmas ape goes to summer camp smarch the old fork in the eye chester a. arthritis dumbening genius at work squozen dickety capdabbler dickety-six miles searing gas pain land we were eating rotisserie chicken ku klux klam forty-two bathtubs, please dirty, maybe. dangerous, hardly. boostafazoo sally housecoat christmas ape goes to summer camp like… all those people in jail foodrinkery garbagewater swishifying the old wiggum charm commie-nazis nulecule poochie death threats ….sign of evil number four death sports underreacting bumbled-bee basegame a law requiring ducks to wear long pants bathiola telepanhandling chestal smell ya later go to your room, lisa please, kill me. proactive a law requiring ducks to wear long pants worst episode ever. go to your room, lisa pretzeled bread rappin‘ surfer forty-two bathtubs, please esquilax car hole christmas ape smokesperson garbagewater deceleratrix dumbening bathiola holy flurking schnit horse with a head of a rabbit and the body of a rabbit lord protect this

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